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The town of Branford is a majestic little town that is called home by approximately 28,000 people. The quaint downtown area is a beautiful combination of historic and modern times. Small shops, restaurants, and cafés create a busy, yet quaint little downtown area. Mixed in the locally owned shops and restaurants are some more well-known shops, such as a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop to enjoy some cool treats on a warm afternoon. Minutes from downtown is the coastline, where you can waist a day just relaxing on by the water at one of the dozen marinas. Residents relish a day of kayaking around the Thimble Islands. The town also hosts yearly festivals, road races, and parades. Stony Creek Brewery is one of the local hot spots that also call Branford home. Living in this town means that you have a plethora of opportunities to enjoy one of a kind meals, and hand crafted drinks right in your back yard. You are only a few hours away from enjoying the excitement of the major cities of the northeast; but then you can return home, and breathe a little easier in your own little relaxing and one-of-a-kind community. You won’t ever get bored living in Branford, you will just be relaxed knowing you chose a perfect little town to call home.

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