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North Haven is a perfect balance of small town and modern industrialized living. The small downtown area that surrounds its green is like a piece of working history; walking through this small area takes you back in time. In the summer months, there are special events hosted on the green, such as the Music under the Stars festival, which bring the community together to honor old traditions while creating new ones. Just outside of the downtown area, the town is booming with larger shopping complexes and booming industry. The industrial growth is an assurance that the economic potential is limitless. North haven is proof that it is possible to balance an appreciation of historical foundation with a willingness to grow to meet a great potential. If your wish is to enjoy a more well balanced life with your family- enjoying the natural escapes provided by the state parks, spending time relishing American history downtown, or having a shopping day with the family, you will fit right in the other 24,000 people who are glad they chose to call North Haven home! There is always something to do here, and if your wish is to go out and experience major cities in the northeast, it is easy to do that too! You can venture out knowing that you will have a beautiful, sustainable town to return home to.

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